Personal Privacy Notice Letter
John Doe et al.
MyTown, USA 00000
Effective Wednesday the 17th of July 2024 at 11:43:44 PM GMT by IP:
Part A - This document transmits to Equifax Incorporated (YOU, includes every executive, officer & board member and any affiliates, successors & assigns) OUR (or WE or US, singular or plural, including all of US residing at the above address) instructions with regard to the various ways OUR personal identity information SHALL be handled, processed, shared, disclosed and used relative to the account information above. OUR requirements are as follows:

  • We have selected Opt-Out of as OUR permanent default regarding the privacy of OUR personal identity information whereby the disclosure, use and/or sharing of OUR personal identity information with any third party person is not authorized or permitted.
  • OUR personal identity information shall not be (a) resident on any marketing related lists, databases, studies, profiles, and the like; or (b) exported outside of the United States of America; or (c) made Internet accessible; or (d) used for preacquired account marketing.
  • OUR Social Security Account Number(s) and/or Driver License Number(s) shall not be used for any purpose and OUR telephony conversations shall not be recorded.
  • This Personal Privacy Notice (NOTICE) is a perpetual requirement and immediately represents a primary overlay contract preempting any other policy, procedure or assumption.
  • All personal identity information furnished by US is conditional upon compliance with this NOTICE.
  • Notification shall be transmitted forthwith to US whenever OUR personal identity information is disclosed to any third party person by providing US in writing with: the material and substantive reason for such disclosure and said third party`s name, address and telephone number.
  • Certain fees(s) will apply for violating the terms of this NOTICE.
Consistent with the foregoing, Equifax Incorporated SHALL:
  • NOT disclose OUR personal identity information, including OUR creditworthiness, to any third party person.
  • Identify every third party`s name, address and telephone number related to any Opt-In or disclosure of OUR personal identity information.
Thank you for respecting OUR privacy rights set forth herein and implementing the personal identity information handling choices WE have made. The following Parts B, C and D are integral parts of this NOTICE containing certain terms, definitions, procedures and noncompliance penalties.
Part B- The following identifies certain terms, procedures and penalties:

Basis:  A "best practice" approach to protect one's personal identity from unauthorized use is to restrict the handling of component personal identity information to absolute minimum requirements. Accordingly, WE have established reasonable and prudent requirements to minimize the risk of OUR personal identity and concomitant personal identity information falling into the hands of unauthorized persons.

Effective Date:  The service of process date is when this NOTICE takes effect. Such notice immediately revokes any authorization, permission, representation, or the like, inconsistent with this NOTICE and an implied consent contract is duly executed between said persons and US requiring immediate compliance with this NOTICE if a person after such notice processes a transaction which handles OUR personal identity information. In the case of conflicts with any other agreements or policies, this NOTICE shall govern and shall be applied in every such instance as a permanent primary overlay contract.

Exclusions:  Handling components of personal identity information explicitly required by law are excluded.

Waivers:   Waivers may be granted by US where the need arises to affect another agreement of mutual benefit to all parties. However, no such waiver shall take effect unless expressly granted in writing including specific reference this Personal Privacy Notice (i.e., part, paragraph title and sentence).

Penalties and Fees:  Any person who violates this NOTICE is immediately subject to an Unauthorized Use Fee (UUF) of $39.00 for each unauthorized activity per day and/or an Unauthorized Handling Fee (UHF) of $39.00 per individual data item of personal identity information handled without authorization per day. Any collateral damages and costs to resolve such unauthorized handling will also accrue. All unpaid balances older than 30 days will be subject to interest bearing an annual percentage rate of 29.5%. Such fees shall not require billing to accrue and shall remain as obligations to pay without any limitation.

Authentication of Information:  No person shall assume, imply, conclude, deduct, presume, attest, represent or the like, that any personal identity information attributable to US (or such collection of information appearing to form OUR the personal identity) is authentic unless such has specifically and expressly been confirmed in writing on paper and under OUR signature(s) including the date such was affirmed. Use or disclosure of said unauthenticated information by any person constitutes negligence.

Unsolicited Materials:  If WE receive any unsolicited materials, WE shall be immune from any claim liability or damages whatsoever whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortuous action, arising out of, or in connection with, the use or misuse of said materials. No unsolicited contract or agreement received shall take effect without OUR express authorization and signature upon such instrument.
Part C- The following identifies certain definitions:

Personal Identity:  "Personal identity" is a set of personal information that is, appears to be, is represented as, or attempts to create a unique identity in a set of personal identities.  A personal identity is typically a person`s name and one or more components of personal identity information.

Personal Identity Information:  "personal identity information" (singular or plural or parts thereof) referred herein includes any non-public personal information and any personally identifiable information capable of creating a Personal Identity typically including key authentication, validation, biometric, demographic, historical and/or logistical information such as: social security number (SSN), Social Security Account Number (SSAN), social security identification number (SSIN), Tax Identification Number (TIN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), Date of Birth (DOB), maiden name, Driver`s License Number (DLN), Personal Identification Number (PIN), Internet Protocol (IP) address, logon ID, password, key-phrase, credit/debit card account number, credit card expiration date, Credit Card Verification (CCV) code, mailing/physical address, birthplace, phone number, age, photograph, gender, race/color, religion, marital status, number/name(s) of dependent(s) and health/employment information.

Person:  A "person" referred to herein includes YOU and any other person, which broadly includes any individual or entity ( examples include an: affiliate, agency, assign, association, company, computer database, contractor, consultant, cooperative, corporation, fiduciary, governmental body, member, manager, official, organization, partnership, repository, professional, successor, etc. ), singular or plural, employee or not, citizen or not, compensated or not, for profit or not, identified or not, formally or informally organized or unorganized, legally existing or not.

Third Party Person:  A "third party person" referred to herein is any non-employee person of a person, where an "employee" is defined by the Internal Revenue Service [see: Title 26 of the U.S. Code].

Handle, Share, Disclose, Use:  referred to herein denotes the function of handling or using personal identity information using any tense or synonym, singular or plural, by any means (physical, oral, optical, electronic, visual, graphical) including terms such as copy, retain, post, transmit or replicate; and including any manipulation by abbreviation, algorithm, renaming, combining, encoding, parsing, hashing, and the like.
Part D- The following identifies certain related legal matters:

Security:  All personal identity information handlers must be indemnified to protect and secure OUR personal identity information, and every such individual person assumes full responsibility for any damages, both corporately and personally, for any breach of security, and such events shall be reported to US within 24 hours of such event in writing.

Standing and Protection From Adverse Events:  The basis of this NOTICE is that every person has a constitutional right to own and control their property, to due process of law, to equal protection under the law, and to be secure in their person, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures; and personal identity and concomitant personal identity information is exclusively owned by the persons to which they relate; and such personal identity information is a property asset which may not be taken from any person or appropriated by another person without the written permission and authorization by US, especially for any commercial purpose, financial gain, offset, barter, trade, consideration and the like; and every person has a legal right and expectation to be protected from theft, defamation, fraud, larceny, extortion, stalking, unlawful enrichment, conspiracy, privacy invasion and the like.

Governing Law:  This NOTICE is governed by Common Law; the United States Constitution and federal law; and the state constitution and state law of the state in which WE legally reside.

Exceptions:  Any person who receives notice, and claims an exception to this NOTICE, must immediately notify US in writing prior to handling OUR personal identity information and provide US with an exhaustive legal defense for such claim with specific reference to such affected Part, paragraph title and sentence of this NOTICE; failure to provide said claim constitutes prima facie and unconditional agreement with this NOTICE, and such inaction bars such claim from any future consideration as a defense. In every case, such claim will be subject to the Part B, Waivers provision herein.

Legal Remedies:   Unless a waiver is otherwise granted in writing by US after notice is served, any breach of this NOTICE will be subject to prosecution in a Court of competent jurisdiction, or by arbitration with mutual consent, including the full cost of such cause of action and the recovery of all damages, time reimbursements, monies due and legal expenses. Adjudication of disputes shall be decided on a preponderance of evidence standard.

Service of Process:  Receiving, or accessing via the Internet, this document constitutes legal notice.

Severability:  If any part of this NOTICE is found to be invalid, the rest of this NOTICE shall remain valid and enforceable.
This Privacy Notice Provided as a Public Service
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